First of all, it is not a new law firm, since all its members already know each other and work together for over 15 years.

On the other hand we have the collaboration of colleagues with over 20 years of experience in labor, commercial and administrative sector, as well as legal advisors with great experience and results.

We believe transparency and proximity to the customer are an essential parameter of our work. Just as we care to ensure  to our customers  that we are always available to answer their requests.

Added the fact that never any kind of fee note  could be a surprise to  our customer, because they are always and without exception, established jointly between our office and the client. The same goes for all legal expenses imposed by our legal system which will also be reported promptly to the customer.

In a very synthetic way, our main aim is undoubtedly to provide our customers the best service possible, and that is what drove our efforts.

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