This law firm comes from an idea that I defended almost from the moment that I started this profession, in other words, since I started to realize how really important it is for a law firm to provide the best possible service to its customers, and the way of doing it.

I have always defended that lawyers, in the stage phase, should have contact with the widest possible range of law branches, so they could be able to identify the subjects for which they feel more oriented, addressing all their efforts in the study of it in order to be specialized.

Relating those disputes (which are many) that can only be decided in court, it is essential that lawyer realizes which is his vocation; than, if he concludes that also intends to work in the forensic area, must know very well the rules of procedure; after which it reveals the need of concentration and insight, and the natural vocation; natural in the true sense of the word, because vocation is not taught or conquered: we either born with or without it and we have to know and learn how to accept our limits, otherwise we can not achieve our goals.

However there is another issue that I consider fundamental to outline the best way to defend the interests of our customers, namely: the effective interaction between those who are dedicated exclusively to the study and research of law and lawyers, that is, a true alliance between the theoretical and the practical aspects of the application of law among lawyers and legal advisors. Such interaction enables a valuable exchange of ideas and a better clarification of certain matters, in order to build the best strategy to structure a good defense of a cause.

By defending this interaction between the theoretical part of the Law (the source) and the practical (the lawyer) is that this company has the support of legal counsels with a shiny resume that I must expose.

As for lawyers, I always maintained that its resume is made of victories and defeats, daily rated by their customers, who will remain faithful to the office while it properly defended their causes as a patient remains faithful to a doctor while he can cure.

This is the reality: the lawyer is good when he win cases.

I do not believe in resumes that clarify nothing concerning lawyers, I believe, instead, in results, and that's what this office has to offer to its customers. In fact, I have always supported these purposes and now I can put them into practice.

A law firm is not a university. Clients of law firms are people who in principle do not know or do not master the law and the laws, aiming to achieve a good result, whether in prevention (advice, planning, etc.) of disputes, either in its judicial resolution or Extrajudicial (mediation, conciliation, etc.).

Customers deserve all our effort and commitment.

This is my concept of a law firm, with me are those who share the same concept.

Paula Mano
August 2010

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