Commercial and Corporate Law
Family Law
Law of Succession
Law of Insolvency
Law of Civil and Commercial Contracts
International Trade Law
Fiscal and Tax Planning Law
Criminal Law
Labor Law and Social Security: The firm provides ongoing preventive advice, essential day-to-day business, working closely with the various heads of our customers. We provide advice in litigation and follow the instruction of disciplinary proceedings. We have long experience in national and international transport sector.
Administrative Law and Town Planning Law
Banking, Financial and Insurance
Mining and Petroleum Law
Intellectual Property: (copyright and related rights, industrial property: patents, trademarks, utility models, designs) and unfair competition.
Recovery Credits
Environmental Law
Air Law
Litigation in general: (civil, commercial, labor, administrative and fiscal)


  • Photocopies of original extraction to be submitted for certification;
  • Conference photocopies of the original documents;
  • Certification of compliance of electronic documents with the original documents, in hard copy, and scanning of documents that are submitted for certification;
  • Authentication of private documents;
  • Certification and translation of documents;
  • Promoting the creation of online companies;

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